What Is Scalp Micro-pigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a highly refined art of pointillism, a process where micro-dots of pigment are delicately deposited into the scalp to craft the illusion of a hair follicle. For those grappling with hair thinning, SMP bestows the impression of a full, dense head of hair. And for individuals tackling baldness or a receding hairline, it offers the fashionable ‘buzzed’ look. This intricate method effectively replicates the natural texture and appearance of hair, dramatically enhancing one’s self-confidence and overall look.

Featured Treatments

SMP for MEn

SMP for Men

Reversing the appearance of baldness is a major reason why SMP is becoming increasingly popular among bald men.The procedure can recreate the hairline and bring a fresh new appearance to the scalp.


SMP for Women

SMP for Women

An increasingly popular treatment for women suffering hair loss is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). This non-invasive, effective procedure can yield excellent results by vastly improving the appearance of thinning hair and bald patches. 


Hair Transplant Scar

Addressing hair transplant scars is a significant aspect of SMP’s rising appeal among individuals with these concerns. This method can conceal the scars, providing a renewed, seamless look to the scalp, enhancing self-confidence.

Life Changing results

Experience life-altering transformations. Witness the power of our expertise through breathtaking before and after images that showcase the remarkable results achieved by our clients. Prepare to be inspired as you discover the life-changing potential of our services.

Before SMP TreatmentAfter Results SMP
Before SMP TreatmentAfter SMP Treatment

Meet the Artists

Curious to know more about us? Before we delve into the details, allow us to provide a brief overview.

Ian & Goran

Cosmetic Hair Ink is Australia’s leading skin micro pigmentation specialist. Ian and Goran, the proud owners and artists help both men and women defeat hair loss and restore their self-confidence. Their professional studio located in Moonee Ponds offers fully qualified highly experienced scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) services. Expect zero downtime, instant results, and no maintenance; results last 5-7 years.

The foundation of our education and knowledge within the industry has originated from world renown industry pioneers/leaders based primarily in the USA. Our treatments can accommodate the needs of individuals who are suffering from male pattern baldness, hair thinning, alopecia, and receding hairlines. SMP is commonly used to conceal surgical scars, FUT & FUE transplant scars which add density to create a fuller realistic hair follicle shaft replication.

Our treatments are guaranteed 12 months after your last session generally consisting of a total of 3 in order to create ultra-realistic results. We use only the best products which are outsourced and manufactured by world leaders in the USA.

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